Thursday, July 9, 2015

Run 20

Oh my, today I had a great run. I thought my run on Monday went well, but today I did a couple of meters more in 29 minutes instead of 32. I'm still not at 5k but I feel I can go op to week 7 now. I felt as if I could do longer than the 7 minutes in this training so next training I will do 8 and 10 minutes. Today I tried the Endomondo app but I had some problems with my GPS (the Nike+ running app had the same issues). After my run I entered my workout manually online. This run was still with 6 minutes of walking.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Run 18.2 (19)

In my last post you could read I wanted to redo the runs of week 6 in the training program because of my hives which made me wheezy. I did some online research and found out that once you start to sweat the rash from the hives stops and you can breath normally again. But you can't try that out for real without seeing a doctor.

Today I really wanted to run and decided I would take it slow and stop if I had to. I pushed myself a little bit harder than last week and I was sweating all over. I still couldn't do the full second 7 minutes of the run, but was able to finish the run.

I finally feel I will be able to run 5k in a few weeks.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Run 18

Today's run didn't go as expected. I have chronic hives which started two years ago and the last year I could keep it down with medication. I also have asthma but since I started running I thought that went pretty well and didn't suffer from any asthma attack. But the last week I started to get a rash (Cholinergic urticaria) during my runs. And today I found out that I also get wheezy. So I had to stop my run and walk home. I decided to take my asthma medication again and do a redo on the runs of week 6 with medication and see if it gets better. If not I will go to see my doctor next week and see what we can do. For now I hope using my asthma medication will work.